Welcome to Antigua Planned Parenthood Association!

Together, let's build a healthier and more empowered community.

Birth Control

We offer a variety of contraception methods to help you plan your family according to your individual needs and preferences. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you in choosing the best option for you.


We provide comprehensive sexual health services, including STI testing and treatment, HIV counseling, and prevention. Our priority is to ensure your sexual health and well-being.


We offer emergency contraception, also known as the “morning-after pill,” for those who need it. We can provide you with the necessary information and support regarding emergency contraception to help you make the best choice.

What we do

Our Mission is to advance the Sexual and Reproductive well-being of the Antiguan and Barbudan population.

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Empowering you to make informed choices for a better future. At Antigua Planned Parenthood Association, we believe that every individual deserves access to comprehensive reproductive health care and family planning services. We are a trusted and compassionate resource, dedicated to providing high-quality care, education, and support to the community of Antigua.

"The Association continues to be known as a place for reliable, confidential, and non- discriminatory services to the people of Antigua and Barbuda. As part of the overall improvements to our office, the Association is pleased to report its recent purchase with funds from the Mill Reef Fund of office equipment. "
Executive Director